Claymayed Handcrafted Wares focuses on embracing the routines of everyday life by creating functional ceramic objects that embrace these moments and elevate the users experience. Handmade by Denean Kelly using small-scale production methods of slip casting and slab forming combined with hand painting and finishing, the result is an unconventional take on tableware that urges the user savour the moments of using these objects. 

These handcrafted wares embrace the handmade process and in many ways reflect the process by embracing the natural marks of hand making that give each item is own characteristics and unique personality, these marks of workmanship should be celebrated and seen as part of the objects spirit.

Claymayed Handcrafted Wares aims to create quality handmade stoneware products that embrace moments of the everyday to enhance the users experience by following the principles of simplicity, usability and craftsmanship.    

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maker and designer: denean kelly